Approved Chinese American World War II Congressional Gold Medal Recipients

U.S. Army Veterans as of October 1, 2019


Names appear as submitted. For corrections, please submit them here.

Highlighted names are profiles submitted by the Veteran or family. If you would like a profile, please read our submission guidelines.


Francis Brown Wai - Recipient of the Medal of Honor and Congressional Gold Medal

Adrian S. Jung

Ah Fook Lee

Ah Fun Chun

Ah Keung Yee

Ah Loy Fong

Ah-Kit Seid

Ai Fook Wong

Ai Thlin Lee

Alan W. Yee

Albert F.L. Fong

Albert Jan Ing Lum

Albert Jang

Albert Joe Der

Albert K. Mar

Albert L. Choy

Albert Leung Young

Albert O. Woo

Albert Ong

Albert Paul Fong

Albert S. Chew (aka Albert S. Lee)

Albert S. Lee

Albert T.S. Kong

Albert Y. Chin

Albert Young

Alex Wong

Alfred Edward Lee

Alfred Gim Lee

Alfred Jew Ham

Alfred K. Louie

Alfred K.W. Ching

Alfred See Lung Yuen

Alfred T. Lee

Alfred Wong

Allan Chin-Bing

Allen C Lim (aka Tze Y Lim)

Allen David Quin

Allen Hung Chin

Allen Joe

Allen Soo Hoo

Allen Wing Yuu

Alton S. K. Wong

Alwin C. Chen

Andrew Wong

Anthony T. Lew

Ark C. Wong

Ark Geow Chin

Arnold Jue

Art B. Lum

Arthur Eng Shanen

Arthur G. Lee

Arthur Hing Young

Arthur L. Chan

Arthur Min Hin Ching

Arthur S.K. Fong

Arthur W. Chan

Arthur Yau Kong Chun

Atherton Quan

B.M. John

Bau Choy Chow Yee

Beck H. Gee

Ben F. Moy

Ben Koon Hom

Ben Toy Lee

Benjamen Chin

Benjamin C.K. Tom

Benjamin Chan (aka Benjamin C. Dong)

Benjamin Joe

Benjamin Mun Bing Louie

Benjamin N. Yip

Benson K Yarne

Bew Yook Wong

Bick G. Lee

Bill K. Joe (aka Kay Bing Joe)

Bill Kwan Gong (aka Yum Ow)

Bill S. Chung

Bing F. Wong

Bing Fan Wong

Bing Get Yee

Bing L. Hong

Bing L. Yee

Bing Lip Wong

Bing N. Yee

Bing Porn Hom

Bing T. Mark

Bing Yee

Bing Yue Wong (aka Ying Quan)

Bo Hom

Bob Wing

Bock J. Gee

Bock On Sid

Bock Seow "Harry" Gee

Bock W. Mah

Bok C. Chee

Bok Gong

Bok H. Hom

Bok Hong Chin

Bok M. Yee

Bok Yuen Sit

Bokdow Jeung

Bon Yue Li

Boon F. Wang

Bow Gar Lee

Bow King Chung

Bow Wing Ng

Buck Dor Eng

Buck Ning Jue

Bung Chong Lee

Byron Randall Lim

Calvin Y. F. Hew

Calvin Yen Loy Ching

Chai Choy

Chai Fung Chan

Charles "Chuck" Ming Leung

Charles F. Wong

Charles Faun Wong

Charles Goon

Charles Han Louie

Charles King Quom

Charles L. Young

Charles Owyang

Charles S. Ming Ng

Charley "Charlie" Yim

Charley Chin

Charlie Chu

Charlotte Mary Chow

Chee L. Gong

Chen Low

Chen See

Chester B. Lee

Chester Lee

Chew Gan Gin

Chew Q Wong

Chice Chee

Chin B. Foon ( aka Lin Yuen Luke)

Chin F. Lamn

Chin H. Ngun

Chin J. Bow

Chin J. Fook

Chin L. Sang

Chin T. Wah

Chin W Want

Ching Z. Van

Cho Wee (Harry) Jew

Chock O. Lee

Chong Auck Chock

Chong Loy

Chong Moe Dan

Chong Tin Wong

Chong W. Lowe

Chu B. Jong (aka J. Chew)

Chu Dong

Chu Fong Ng

Chuck Eng

Chuck G. Wong

Chuck Gow Yee

Chuen Ark Leung

Chui On Soo Hoo (aka Albert Seetoo)

Chun K. Lee

Chung Koon Eng (aka Moon Yot Lee)

Chunsom Edward Wong

Chuong A Fah

Clarence Bingham Lee

Clement Joe

Clifford F. Young

Clifford Yat Bau Wong

Coon O. Lee

Cyril B. Y. Wong

Dai Lee

Dale Chow King

Dan D. Don

Daniel Akaka

Daniel B. T. Lau

Daniel Dong Four Chan

Daniel H.C. Young

Daniel Jung

Daniel Yee Garbern

David C. L. Wong

David Chin

David Chow

David Hong Gong

David Kong 

David Lee Pang

David Leong

David R. Dong

David Thick Gee

David W. Chinn

David Y.T. Ching

Davis Lee

Dawes Doo Lee

Deuk Wong

Din Lee Eng

Dinny Low

Do Jack Chin

Do Lum Chin

Do Y. Jung

Dock Ong Yee

Dok Y. Woo

Dokay Yee

Don Chin

Don F. Jew

Don Hing Lim

Don Lun Toy

Don Suey Chin (aka Gun Loo)

Don Wai Lee

Don Wing

Donald C. Poy

Donald F. G. Jue

Donald Lung Chin (aka Ng Y Lane)

Donald Ning Lee

Dong D. Yuen (aka Don Moon Yuen)

Dong Yook Fong

Doo Tong Wong

Doo You Wong

Doon K. Hoy

Doon Toi Toy

Dow Mars

Dun L. Chin

Dun Sui Mark

Earl Wong

Ed S Wong

Eddie Sing Kwock

Eddie Soo

Edmund Hung Foo Ching

Edmund Joe King

Edmund T.K. Ing

Edward  Hee

Edward  Y.  Moy

Edward D. Quong

Edward Dair

Edward Fung

Edward Hong

Edward J. Mah

Edward Jang

Edward Jow

Edward Jower King

Edward K Yip

Edward Kong

Edward Kwai Sing Lau

Edward L. Chan

Edward L. Lee

Edward Low Soo Hoo

Edward Lung Tow Fong

Edward Mon Ye Gee

Edward Shem

Edward Sing Quan

Edward Sun Dart Wong

Edward Tai Wong Chang

Edward Tyson Chin

Edwin F. Lee

Edwin Fun Lee

Edwin O. Lowe

Edwin Y. H. Chinn

Elsie Chin 

Elwood B Chan

Eng Shang Hon

Eng Tong Wing

Eng Tung Tom

Eng Tung Tom

Ernest (Earnest) Ow

Ernest C. Y Chu

Ernest Yee

Eugene E. Lee

Eugene Mon Goy

Eugene Wah Moy

Eugene Y.C. Hew

Fan Bong Chu

Fan S. Woo

Fang D. Ng

Fay G. Wong

Fay Hong Wong

Fay M. Wong

Fay Y. Lee

Fee Yat Lee

Fong Chin

Fong Foo Chin

Fong Ho Chin

Fong Kee Fong

Fong Lue

Fong Lum

Fong P. Ning

Fong T. Lee (aka Oliver Fong Thick Lee)

Fong W. Hee

Foo H. Chan

Foo O. Fong

Foo Oak Wong

Foo On Fong 

Foo Yow Lim

Fook C. Woo

Fook Doon Tuey

Fook Kwong Chin

Fook On Loo

Fook Y. Jung

Foong Sheung Lew

For Shun Wong

Francis B.C. Wong

Francis Drake Leo

Francis F. Wong

Francis Fung Wong

Francis Hu

Francis J. Louie

Francis P. Quon

Frank C. Toy

Frank Chung

Frank Fong

Frank Harold Eng

Frank L. Wong

Frank Len Woo

Frank Ong

Frank S. Yee

Frank W. Kwan

Frank William Lew

Frank Yim Lee

Franklin G. Lee

Franklin K. Wong

Franklin Lowe

Franklin S Low

Fred c.q. Chun

Fred Cheong Lee

Fred Chun

Fred G. Lee

Fred Hum

Fred Ko

Fred Quan Lee

Frederick You

Fun Geong

Fung C. Fong

Fung Fat Leong

Gaing Wing Chan

Garfield Lee

Gee G. Chew  (aka Stanley Chew Gwing Gee)

Gee Ho

Gee K Seid

Gee N. Sing

Gee Nguey G.

Gee P. Sam

Gee S. Fong

Gene M. Lee

Gene S. Eng

Gene S. Lim

Gene Schick Leu

George A. Fong

George B. Chinn

George D Lee

George D. Lee

George Eng

George Eng

George Gong

George Hing Long

George Houng-Lee

George Lim

George O. Soo Hoo

George S. Lee

George S.G. Mark

George Soo Hoo 

George Sue

George T Dong

George T.Y. Lum

George W. Jung

George Wai

George Wellington Chew

George Wing Pang

George Wong Hing

George Y Chin

George Young

Get Yee

Gim N. Chin

Gim Quon Hong

Gim S. Jay

Gim W Lee

Gim You Hom

Gim Yuey Yee

Gin Choon Young

Gin Dan Wong

Gin H. Yim

Gin P. Chin a.k.a. Fook H. Chin

Gin Teung Lee

Gin Wah Dong

Ging Foon Young (aka Tai H. Lieu)

Ging Fuie Huie

Ging G. Ju

Ging Sen Fong

Ging T. Chin

Ging T. Eng

Ging Wan Kwong

Git Lee Chan

Git Teung Lee

Gladys G. Mah 

Gon Shang Lem

Gon Wah Wong

Gong B. Fong

Gong Hum

Goon Duck Choy

Goon F Go

Gordon C. Pang

Gordon Quan

Gow N. Chin

Grant Lee

Grant Sing Yee

Guey Moon Ng

Gum Ah Fong

Gum Hung Au (aka Edward Gum Hung Au)

Gum Q. Hong

Gum Wah Lew

Gunk Ott Fong

Gwak Fan Ngee

Hamilton B Lum

Hand F. Chin

Hans J. Wong

Hanson Siu

Harding Lee

Harlin S. G. Wong 

Harmon Wong Woo

Harold Hung Pui Look

Harold Lee

Harry Cheu Wong

Harry Chew

Harry F. Gonn

Harry Gee Kai Lee

Harry George Jung

Harry George Jung

Harry Gin

Harry H. Lee

Harry H. Wong

Harry Kwai Luke Tom

Harry Lee

Harry Leong

Harry Lin Fong

Harry Sung Au

Harry William Woo

Harry Wing Woo

Harvey Wong

Hawk S. Gor (aka Gilbert Hawk Gor)

Hem Loui

Hem Sue

Hen Young Chin

Henry  S. H. Fong

Henry C. H. Chu

Henry C. Yebd

Henry C.S. Yap

Henry Dar Fong

Henry Doong

Henry Eng Huey

Henry Faye Wong

Henry Fun Lew

Henry Kwok Leong Moy

Henry Kwong Chew

Henry Lee

Henry Owyoung

Henry P. Wong

Henry Sau Chin

Henry Sing Mar

Henry Son Luke

Henry Soo Hoo

Henry Stephen Yee

Henry Tom

Henry W Tom

Henry Yet Mar

Henry Ying Han Yee

Herbert K. Moy

Herbert K. Yee

Herbert Loon Wong (aka Wong Loon)

Herbert Que Quan

Herbert S. P. Kam

Herbert W. Gee  (aka Herbert Wah Gee)

Herbert Wah Gee

Herbert Wing Fat Loo

Herman Chin

Hew Hom

Hey B. Huie

Him Ah Woo

Him Lun Fong

Him Ock Wong (aka Bing Fong Lim)

Hing D. Moy

Hing Lee

Hing O Hom

Hing Way Hom (aka Chin Kim You)

Hock A. Lew

Hom "Jack" Ngeow

Hom Hong Jung

Hom Moon Jung

Hom N. Foo

Hom Ping Gee (aka Stanley Chin)

Hom T. Chu

Hom Yuen Jung

Hon Chong Chang

Hon Lee

Hon S. Ng

Hong "Edwin" S. Choy

Hong C. Sit

Hong D Goon

Hong N. Woo

Hong Ng Park

Hong Ngen Hee (aka Patrick Hee)

Hong T. Chin

Hong Tek Wong

Hong Way Wong

Hong Woo

Hong Y Chan

Hong Yick Wong

Hoon Dare

Hor Ting Chin (aka Arthur Chin)

Horace Ow-Wing

Horatius "Horace" Eng

Howard C. Loo

Howard Chin

Howard Lee

Howard Sai Quan

Howard Wong

Howard Woo

Howard Y. Chinn

Hoy Chang (aka Fung Dak Lee)

Hubert M. H. Fong

Hung Cheung Yee

Hung G. Moy

Hung Hong Mew

Hung Oak Lee

Hung Wong

Irvin Fong Kwock

Jack Chee Lup Yue

Jack Chin Won

Jack George Kim

Jack H. Sue

Jack Kwan Yuen

Jack Lum Wong

Jack M. Louie

Jack Wong

Jack Yuen Gee

Jackson Hon Ng

Jackson Wyatt Coyle

Jake Fong

James D.C. Chang

James Eng

James G W Kim

James Hong Chu

James Kui Bong Fong

James Look Yee

James Lum

James Malcolm Mar

James Mark

James Moe

James Pon

James S. Luke

James Sau Keong Tam

James Yee

Jan Louie

Jaw Fong (aka Billy Jaw Fong)

Jea Wing Yon (aka Wing Yon Yee)

Jee W. Horn

Jensen G. Lee

Jeong Fong Ng

Jerry Chang

Jerry H. Toy

Jeu Quock "Willie" Chong

Jeu Quock Chong

Jew N. Sang

Jew Sue Huey

Jew T. Hong

Jew Y. Heen

Jick Pon

Jim Bing Lee

Jim L Chow

Jim Lee Hom

Jim Pon Kwan

Jime Y Chow

Jimmie Dunn

Jimmie N. Woo

Jimmie Y. Lee

Jimmo Chan

Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Tom

Jin M Yee

Joe Brooks,Sr

Joe Chew You

Joe G. Chin

Joe G. Lung

Joe Gong

Joe H. Ng

Joe Hugh Wun

Joe Jang

Joe Joung

Joe Kong

Joe M Kee

Joe M. Jeow

Joe Pong

Joe Shew Kem (aka Robert Kem Joe)

Joe Thlung Chew (aka Ngew Thlung Jew)

Joe W. Dunn

Joe Wing Yik

Joe Yee Shu (aka Bak Toy Eng)

John Bin Lee

John Buck Chew

John C. Lee

John C. Young

John Gong

John H Wong

John Li

John S. Chin

John Tung Fong

John Wong

John Y. Chan

Johnny Chock Lee

Johnny Yee Him

Johnson Leu

Jon G Wong

Jonathan K. Yee

Jong Dare

Joseph Fong Sen Goo

Joseph Mun Yit Wong

Joseph Yuu

Joung Y. Joe

Ju Y. Chang

Judson Chu

Juk Y. Lee

Jung Chin

Jung Foo Lee

Jung S. Woo

Jung W Goon

Jung Wong G

Jung Y. Ng (aka Homan Eng)

Jung Yot Lai

Kai N. Yee

Kai Tong Eng (aka Wing H. Wong)

Kam Chill Yu (aka Sue F. Fong)

Kam Chong

Kam Sung Tom

Kan Jung Luke

Kay C. Tow

Kay W. Chin

Kay Ying Lim

Kee Y. Lock

Kenneth Chan

Kenneth K.Y. Chong

Kenneth Mar

Kenneth Tong Jeung

Kenneth W. L. Young

Kenneth Wu

Kern H. Chan

Kern Lum Chew

Kew H. Look

Key Suey Jue

Kie L. Chinn

Kim S. Yee

Kim Wong

Kin Hoi Young

Kin Hong Der

King Chuck Quon

King Wong

Kingsley Y. Wong

Kong Hoy Go

Koon J. Lew

Koon N. Loo

Koon Thick Leung

Koon Yuen Yee

Kuey L. "Thomas" Hom

Kung Som Lew

Kuok Sung Young

Kwack K. Woo

Kwan chun

Kwock Hung Young

Kwock Wai Young

Kwok D. Moy

Kwok Moy

Kwok Poy Yee

Lai G. Gee

Laion N. Hung

Lambert Wai

Lang Chue Tang

Larry Jew

Larry Ng Lee

Lawrence C. Ching

Lawrence Joe (aka Tong Bing Joe)

Lawrence John Lee

Lawrence L. Chew

Lawrence Lee Jr.

Lawrence Lew

Lawrence Yick Fung Ng

Lawrence Young

Lay Fong

Lee Fong

Lee Ho S

Lee J Sang

Lee L. Gan (Philip)

Lee Sik Din

Lee Yin

Lee You Thin

Leighton Sui Chow Louis

Len B. Joe

Len L. Him

Leon Chan Leon

Leonard Fong Yip

Leong Chan

Leong Gim Bor

Leong J. Thing (aka Kock Lim Eng)

Leong T. Fook (aka Tommy Mon Jang Gee)

Lew N Ngor

Lew S. Ock

Lew Y. Foon

Lewis C. On

Lim N. Fong

Lim P. Lee

Lim S. Yung

Lim W. Yen

Lin "David" K. Loo

Lincoln Chin

Lindy K. Wong

Livingston Chunn

Lloyd F. Char

Lonnie Ling Sang Yee

Louie Frank

Louie Guay

Louie K. Fong

Louie P. Wong

Louie William Chung

Louis B. Lee (aka Jimmie Lee)

Louis Lum

Louis Wong

Loy H. Locke

Loy S. Chin

Lui Gain Thyn

Lui Wong

Lun Fung Chan

Lun Kim Ng

Lun N Gong

Lung King Chin (aka Sue C. Wong)

Lung Sip Wong

M.Y. Fung

Mack  Pong

Man F. Wong (aka Wing Y. Joe)

Man W. "Jimmie" Yee

Mang J. Lau

Mann Wong

Margaret Gee

Marshall Lew

Mary R. Chan

Maurice M. H. Lee

May Kong Lim

May Kong Lim

Mee F. Lee

Mee G. Yee

Mee Lon Ngai-Marino

Melvin WH Yuen

Michael Chan

Milton L. Sing

Min Wong (aka Morton Min Wong)

Ming Gai Lew

Ming K. Wong

Mitchell L. Wong

Moi Gin Shu (aka Suey Kay Eng)

Mon Get Hom

Mon How Kan

Mon Kong Chun

Mon Suey Lee (aka Young F. Hung)

Mon Ung Wong (aka Yee C. Hong)

Mong Lin Yee

Mong O. Yee

Morrison Chun

Moy Choy

Moy Doo Pon

Moy F. Kwai

Moy Mon Jin

Nam Go Wong

Nang M. Lew

Ng Bon Ngan

Ng C. Sun

Ng Chew Hee

Ng Henyin

Ng M. Hen

Ng Shue (aka Heong Chan)

Ngai "Johnny" Y. Foon

Ngee Hing Yee

Ngin D. Chin

Ngip Pang Chin

Ngit J Chin

Ngok H. Lee

Ngook L. Chew

Nguey C. Ng

Nguey Wong

Ning B Chin

Ning H. Chan

Noon W. Lee

Norman F. Lee

Norman L. Quan

Norman Young Gunn Won

Oak Ton Jay

Ock Lee

Ock Wing Lee

Olivery H. Ong

On T. Chin

Otto C T Lee

Ow Y. Ong

Pak Chan

Park Gee

Park Sing Chan

Paul Abraham Lem

Paul C Dong

Paul Fong

Paul Moe

Paul W.T. Wing

Paul Yee

Pershing Louie

Peter Lew

Peter S. Chong

Peter Yim Yee

Philip Kwai Fun Ching

Philip Lee

Phillip C. Lee

Phillip Huie

Phillip Ong

Ping Nam Lee

Po Hong Moy

Poon Fee Lim

Poon Lee Lim

Poy G. Lee

Poy G. Young

Poy H. Moy

Poy N. Woo

Poy Quon Fong

Poy Tsz Jung

Quan G. Choey

Quan Yuk Luke

Quck H. Yun

Quin Kwock Woo

Quinn S. Fung

Quo Y. Jong

Quock Chong Lau

Quong Chung

Quong Hing Chin

Quong Meng Woo

Quong Sing Chin

Quong Wing Chow

Rally Wong

Ralph Lowe Chan (aka Ralph Chan)

Ralph Ung

Randall B Chew

Randall Ching

Raymond A. Yee

Raymond Albert Yee

Raymond Dong

Raymond Fai Ching

Raymond Jung

Raymond L. Lee

Raymond Lee Mar

Raymond Li Min Huang

Raymond Low Suen

Raymond Sik On Lee

Raymond W.C. Lew

Raymond Y. C. Yee

Raymond Yuen Lee

Richard Ching

Richard Mun Sum Wong

Richard Quan

Richard Tom

Richard W. K. Lum

Richard Wah Hing Chun

Richard Wui Yin Hew

Richard Y.T. Char

Robert Benjamin Yee

Robert Bun Jung

Robert C Seid

Robert F. Wong

Robert F.A. Lem

Robert G Goon

Robert G. Jang

Robert H. Chan

Robert H. Wong

Robert Haw

Robert Kong Saiget

Robert L. H. Choy

Robert Lee

Robert Lee Sum

Robert Mar

Robert Poy Tom

Robert T Lim

Robert W Fong

Robert W. Gong

Robert William Wong

Robert Y. Leong

Robert Yup

Roger Fong

Ronald Tong Wong

Ross Jung

Roy Chan

Roy Dunn

Roy Fred Lee

Roy Gock

Ruby Kim Tape

S. Sheung Ng

S. Young Louie

Sai Tung Tam

Sam Fong

Sam Herbert Huey

Sam Lee

Sam Leung

Sam T. Gee (aka Sik W. Eng)

Sau Fook Chin

Sau Hoy Wong

Schick Leung

Seck M. Fong

See F. Lee

See Thon Fan

See Yick Tang

Seen Ock Wong

Seid Way Heong

Sen "Sam" Yen Ong (aka Sammy Ong)

Sen Fon Lee

Sen Hom

Ser Choon Low

Shang Ging Jeong

Shang Lee

Shee Ah Lor

Sheen Fook Fo

Sheung Chin

Sheung Chung

Shew Chaw Lum

Shew K. Lee (aka Wong) 

Shew Yen Lew  (aka Willie Cohn Lew)

Shiu Tin Lee

Show Hong Fong

Show Lin Chow

Shu Shin

Shue W. Sing

Shui Ming Tsang

Shum L. Lee

Sick C. Wong

Sick Leung Fong

Sick Y. Chin

Sid Coon

Sidney Anthony Ahtye

Sidney Sue

Sik Kwoon Hong

Sik Woo Ting

Simpson Tom

Sin Pang

Sing See Yee

Sing Tung Don

Sing Woo

Sing Y. Hom

Sing Yung Yee

Siu W. Wong

Solomon K Chang

Song Hing Yee

Sonny Bok "Leong" Wong

Sonny Eng (aka Gong L. Sun)

Soo H.P. Sun  (aka Willie Joe)

Soo Lee

SooHoo Jr.  Peter F. 

Soon Hom

Soon Yee Dere

Stanley Chunn

Stanley Clifton Lee

Stanley K. Lau

Stanley Lum

Stanley Mu

Stephen C. Low

Stephen Young

Su B Chan

Sue Fong

Sue Sheong Tsu

Suey Bok Chee

Suey C. Lee

Suey Don Wong

Suey F. Lee (aka Charles F. Lee)

Suey G. Wong (aka Albert S. Wong)

Suey H. Quong

Suey Kay Hom

Suey W. Lee

Suey W. Lee

Sum Moo Seto

Sun Chor Gong

Sun Eng Duck

Sun G. Low (aka Young Lum)

Sun Gee

Sun King Yuu

Sun Lew

Sung T. Wong

Tai Foo Lau

Tai Jang Wong

Tam Wah Yip

Taw S. Hong  (aka Eddie Yik Woo)

Teong  Fun Hom

Teung Soo Hoo

Tew H. Louie

Theodore Loo

Theodore Remington Woo

Theodore T. Lee

Theresa Lee

Theung Wong

Thick N Lee

Thlick Hong Ng (aka Thlick Hong Eng)

Thomas  T. P. Yim

Thomas Kwong

Thomas Moy

Thomas Shee Fun Chin

Thomas W. Mar

Thomas W.Y. Lee

Thomas Wayne Lew

Thomas Wing Gee

Thomas Wong

Thomas Yook Sing Ching

Thoo G. CHin

Tim Leong

Tim Lum

Tin Bow Cheng

Tin Mun Ho

Ting Lou

Ting Wing Wong

Toey Yee Tom

Tom Chin

Tom F How

Tom Lee

Tom Wai Seak

Tom Yuen (aka Ken Dew Hom)

Tommy Chinn

Tommy J. Hom

Ton Lim Eng

Tong Fon Woo

Tong Ying 

Tony Lee Quan

Tsee W. Mark

Tuck Y. Young

Tung Wah Chue (aka Chue T Wah)

Tung Wah Lee

Vernon R. Lee

Victor H. Sun

Victor S. Moy

Victor Stanley Young

W. May Chin

Wa Sui Lee

Wa To Mok

Wah Bong Yee

Wah C. Fong

Wah F. Fong

Wah H. Eng

Wah H. Young

Wah Hong Leong

Wah Kam Ching

Wah M. Lim

Wah Moy

Wah Sun "Tom" Lew

Wah Tun Toy (aka Toy Tun Wah)

Wah Y. Wong (aka Wah Yick Gee)

WaHong Wong

Wai B. Wong

Wai Chan

Wai Lung Chin

Wallace Chin

Wallace F. Quon

Wallace Lew Kay

Wallace S. Lee

Wallace Shui Wong Lee

Wallace Tan Wong

Walter B. Lee

Walter Bo Chew

Walter C Hong

Walter Ginn Chong

Walter Ing Akana

Walter L. Kwock

Walter Lew

Walter Mun Fo Wong

Walter Sau Man Wong 

Walter Sin Fook Lung

Washington Z. Sycip

Way Chun G

Way N. Wong

Way William Lee

Wayman Beverly Lowe

Wayne Wong

Wayne Wong (aka Wong Hong Way)

We L. Lee

Wee L. Wong

Wellington Fung

Wellington Lum Chew

Wesley Ng

Weyman Wong

Wilbur Sing Pong Yee

Wilfred R. Eng

William "Bill" L. Chin

William B Lee

William Chew Lum

William Chin

William Chin-Lee

William D. Soo Hoo

William Daniel Lee

William Edward Wong

William Fat Quon Lee

William George Joe

William Gin

William Hong

William K. J. Ng

William K. Tom

William K.S. Leong

William Lee

William Leonard Louie

William Louie,  Sr

William M. Hong

William Martin Lee

William Quan

William Quokan Wu

William Roe Yee Litt

William S. Mar

William T. Leung

William W. Loo

William Wai Dang

William Wong

William Wong

William Woo

William Yee

William Yin Han Ling

William Young Tom (aka William Young)

Willian Ow

Willie Mark

Willie Siu

Wilson Hew

Wing Dick Wong

Wing F. Hom

Wing F. SooHoo

Wing G Ow

Wing June Dea

Wing Kong Chin

Wing L. Lee

Wing Luke

Wing M. Mark

Wing O. Hom

Wing Oak Wong  (aka Homer W. Wong)

Wing On Wong

Wing Quong Jung

Wing Shee Fong

Wing Sue

Wing Tow Jue

Wing Tung Yee

Wing Wah Loo

Wing Wong

Wing Y. Mar

Wing Yew Wong

Wing York Jue

Winston G. Wong

Woh Hom K.

Wong S. Teung

Wong Suey Foong

Wong T. Ngon

Wong Y. Kan

Wong Y. Lam

Wong Y. Young

Y. Lim Mark

Yat Fow Der

Yeafoon Arkwam Eng

Yee Bo Lung

Yee Quan Ton

Yee S Jung

Yee S. Wing

Yee Thick Yee

Yee Wing Fon

Yee You Hom

Yen Yee

Yett L. Gee

Yew K. Low

Yew Lee

Yick On Yee

Yick Q. Yee

Yick Woo Tse

Yim Kim Mar

Yin H. Wong

Yin Hoi Young

Yin K. Leong

Yin Lee

Ying C. Chin

Ying Goon Chin

Yip Wah-Sim (aka Wallace "Wally" S. Yip)

Yit On Lum

Yit Sang Jew (Jue)

Yit T Wong

Yoen J. Quock

Yok Wu Jang

Yoke Mon Yee

Yon N. Yee

Yong L. Jew

Yook "Danny" Toy Jeung (aka Jeung Yook Toy)

Yook Bing Eng

Yook C. Yee

York Q Luke

York Tom

Yorkvin Parn Lim

You K. Woo

Youh K. Locke

Youh K. Locke (aka James Locke)

Young C. Wong

Young Q Ark

Young Terry Lee

Young Tong (aka Edward  Y.  Tom)

Young W. Lee

Yow F. Wong

Yow W. Chin

Yow Wah Lee

Yue Pon Eng

Yuen G. Eng

Yuen Hoo Sin

Yuen Quan

Yuen Wong

Yuen Woo

Yuk Lun Tau

Yut W. Wong