Approved Chinese American World War II Congressional Gold Medal Recipients

U.S. Navy Veterans as of April 15, 2019


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Gordon Pai’ea Chung-Hoon - Recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal, Navy Cross and Silver Star for conspicuous gallantry in WWII. First AAPI flag officer in the U.S. Navy.

Alfred Chan

Allison Lew

Alton Bock Wong

Arnold Lee

Bing Chan

Bing Dip Jung

Charles Ki Sang Won

Cheuck Lee

Chugh Lai Sun

Curtis Joe Wong (aka Joe Chung Ying)

Dan Mar

David Benjamin Chin-Bing

Dok Sun Fong

Eddie Louie Ling

Edward Yip

Ernest Ngai

Fook Leong Lew

Frank Gim Louie

Frank Lee

Gay Moon Yee

George C. Lee

George Chan

George Cheung

George Pen Lee

George Yee Chan

Gim Ngeow Wong

Gim Suey Chong

Gock Leong Lee

Gock On Lew (aka Gene Hong Lee)

Guey Fey Chin

Harry Chan

Harry Hann Mon Moy

Harry Moy

Harry Park Lee

Henry Dar Fong

Henry Elmer Chang

Henry Gee

Henry Gohn Wong

Henry Lee

Henry Lew

Henry T. Wong

Henry Wong

Hong Chong Chin

Hong Luke Tom

Howard Ah-Tye

Howard Hughes Mar

Hugh Birckhead Wong

James A. Lew

James L. Eng

James Wong

Jim Wah Gee

John Ng

John Yee

Johnson Wing Fong

Jow W. Suey

Kai Ming Lee

Kai Wong

Kwai Young

Lawrence G. Suen

Lawrence Lok

Lester Chung Ching

Leung Bock Chew

Leung Kwock Lok

Lindy Ringling Leo

Linn Kee Pang

Mar Kwock Born

Moo Thick Soo Hoo

Neil Y.H. Chin

Noon Woo Quon

Ock Chiu Wong

Pack H Wong

Pai Chae Yung

Pang On

Quan Hing Low

Richard Yen

Robert Joe

Ronald Chin Won

Samuel Lee Hom

Sheung Huey

Stanton Jue

Stephen H. Wong

Tak Ping Huen

Teddy Yee

Tim Keung Lim

Tom Toy

Wah San Leong

Wallace Lee

Way Lew

William Bochi Tong

William Chan

William Yee

Wing Jeen Jeong

Winifred Eng

Yee Bow Quong

Yuen Chew Jew